• Kartlift Winchlift Stacker
  • Kartlift Winchlift Stacker

Kartlift Winchlift Stacker

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The Winch Stacker is a combination powered lift stand, and double stacker. The base of the stacker is a WinchLift LT or HD. On top of the folded WinchLift, goes the lower section of the Stacker, which creates a platform to stack a kart on. Then the top section of the Stacker is place on top of the lower frame, just as a traditional stacker stand is, thus creating an upper platform for kart storage and transport. The Winch Stacker can be used for transporting and storing two karts and a lifting kart stand in one space the size of a single kart. This can be invaluable when hauling multiple karts and stands in a compact trailer. Winchlift Stand Sold Separately

  • $405.00