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All drivers under the AGE of 18 are required to have an Parent/Guardian sign from them.

Race Coordinator

Race Coordinator APPLY NOW

United Karting - Hanover Location
13.50 - 17 usd / hour
Part time

United Karting Race Coordinator

As the Race Coordinator, you will be the positive and professional face for our customers and other staff. The Race Coordinator role is to ensure that the facility is effectively running, the karts are maintained / logged, and that the track is safe. You are a professional representative of UK. United Karting’s Mission Statement is focused on growing karting and engaging the community, you will push this narrative to our customers and staff.

Please state your availability in your reply - (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

Daily Tasking(s)

Mechanic Bay

  • Staff that arrives in the morning, go through the daily setup/checklist to ensure that the facility is ready for opening, signing their names.
  • Karts that leave the motor pool must go through a maintenance checklist, signed by the employee - in tangent with any mechanic, the Track Leader conducts the check out list.
  • Conduct Tier 1 maintenance (Tires, Oil, Parts replacement)

Rental Coordinator

  • Check customer in for Rentals
  • Manage run groups for customers
  • Manage the “Run” clock for sessions
  • Help customers in and out of the rental karts

Rental Facilitator / Flagger

  • MONITOR the track, you are THE Safety on the track. Keeps eyes on the track and communicates with all racers/riders.
  • Manage the “Run” clock for sessions - give out verbal time warning (e.g, 2 minutes until next run group)
  • Help customers in and out of the rental karts
  • Ensure customers are safely buckled up and all safety gear is properly on
  • Understand and Communicate the flags to customers and safety
  • If a kart/bike breaks down, be ready to help


  • Manage and execute Shopify
  • Help customers understand UK offerings
  • Manage/Stock Inventory and inventory sales (Pro Shop)


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