Kartlift Traditional Kart Stand

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Everything about it fits correctly so when you lift the top on and off it's very easy. The wheels are free pivoting and wont run flat on you. The stand comes with rubber isolators installed so it protects the kart frame and keeps it from sliding around. There's not a middle support bar which teeters the kart being supported and to top it off it's a bit more compact than other double stackers. If you've ever had to deal with a double stacker you know these features will make your life easier.

The Kart Lift 30" Double Stacker stand is perfectly suited to transporting and storing 2 karts using 2 cycle bodywork.  The overall frame dimension is 40 x 30.5", with 22" of space between the layers for the lower kart.  A set of 10" flat free casters provide the rolling stock and are rated for 1000 lbs total.

To use, simply remove the top deck, load the lower kart, and replace the top deck.  Then place the second kart on top.  Sharp looking lasercut aluminum corner brackets provide a rigid and expandable platform  Easily convert to a Triple by simply adding another deck.  Simple, sturdy, and traditional.

The innovative bolt together design allows for economical shipping.  Assembly required.

  • $395.00