Bengio CARBON Rib Protector (MALE)

After years of development, we finally introduced the best BUMPER yet. BUMPER CARBON sets a new standard for safety and ergonomics.

We combined the winning formula of BUMPER with the high stiffness, high tensile strength, low weight of the carbon fiber.

SHELL: the composite of fiberglass and carbon fiber provides the maximum impact resistance, with minor weight and optimal wearability.

NEW PADDING FOAM: with a soft and smooth touch, but resistant to any impact, the new foam consists in a light, thin and transpiring material, designed to resist vibrations and repeated impacts. It immediately disperses the pressure when the strike occurs, absorbing up to 90% of the energy in high-speed impacts.

BACK: internal framework in Texton 480. Back covered with a soft perforated fabric. Padding in a 5 mm closed cell foam.

Back race suit-saver profiles.

  • $260.00