• 2 Stroke Club Kart Championship Race Registration

2 Stroke Club Kart Championship Race Registration

Purchase a set of tires with your race ticket and total will be reduced by $20 per set of MG Tires.  All tire purchases go towards our annual banquet.  Tire purchases help ensure that we provide our drivers with awards and products at our annual event.
SPARTAN RACE - Please select Membership Type - SPARTAN RACE
For our local racers, this Saturday and Sunday are Club Races that count for end-of-year points. The Spartan Race is an add-on if you made it to the other tracks throughout the year for that series. Club points are awarded on Saturday and Sunday and count towards the end of the year. As you pre-register online, just do it like normal.

If you are participating in Spartan, please pre-register as "Spartan" online. That way we keep points for both Club and Spartan.
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