2023 United Karting Academy - Intro Course (BWI Location)

** Taught at the BWI Location **

United Karting Academy is the in-house training program for United Karting (UK). Taught by instructors with decades of racing experience, as well as supported by some of the fastest drivers at UK, we provide a comprehensive beginners course to karting. Developed for the novice driver, we spend the day learning the sport, getting comfortable and confident in the kart, and working on racecraft, which is essential to winning.  Training goes from 8AM to Noon on the days that are offered.

For our drivers aged 5 - 7, the day is focused on safety and building confidence. We gear the racers up in suits, helmets, and gloves and spend the day learning the track and getting comfortable in a kart. The goals are to get them excited about the sport, have them perform a basic skills assessment, and to instill the basics of karting.

For our drivers aged 8 - 12, the day is focused on safety and skill development. We gear the racers up in suits, helmets, and gloves and start the day with track walks and small group instruction. We move to group races with individualized instruction for each race. Again, we are growing confidence with speed and learning the skills necessary to be a racer.

For our drivers aged 13+, the day is focused on racecraft. Many drivers have automobile experience, even racing experience, but need to learn karting and karting tradecraft in order to compete at the highest level safely. Without electronics to minimize impacts of bad inputs, we work to identify methods of racecraft that enhance drivers' skills as well as working to maximize decision making.

If the class is canceled due to inclement weather (rain), we will work with you to reschedule to future date.

  • $200.00