• Kartlift Winchlift HT Rolling Kart Stand

Kartlift Winchlift HT Rolling Kart Stand

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The WinchLift HD uses a powerful, high quality electric winch to provide the lifting power. Simply add your U1 type lawnmower battery and you've got yourself a machine capable of lifting karts weighing up to 350 lbs. with push button ease. The powdercoated frame is fabricated from full 1.25" steel tubing, but the wall thickness is increased for the HD version. A 2" wide nylon strap is used in place of the typical winch cable and provides a reliable, safe, lift. The high quality 10" tires on one-piece steel rims have long life bearings that won't wear out. Eight inch pneumatic tires on precision swivel casters mounted on the rear of the stand provide rough terrain capabilities and turning ease. The large rear handle provides a comfortable platform from which to push your kart, as well as ample room to adjust the hooks to the width of your plastic rear bumper. If your plastic rear bumper doesn't fit one of the 2 pre-drilled positions, simply drill another set of holes and move the hooks to the new position.

  • $940.00