Sparco K-Pole Karting Shoe

Sparco's attractively priced K-Pole Kart Racing Shoes are available in 6 bold color combinations and feature a robust and highly breathable microfiber fabric construction. Perforated uppers allow plenty of airflow, while the mid-top design offers gobs of support when driving. Strategically engineered inner lateral reinforcements further improve this support, and is combined with a reinforced heel cup and an ergonomic insole for maximum comfort on the pedals.
Rating: Karting Specific
Part Number: SP1269
Manufacturer: 001269xx

• Ultra-breathable 3D mesh polyester upper construction.
• Internal lateral reinforcement improves support.
• Reinforced heel insert with an ergonomic insole.
• Thin round external laces with velcro strap.
• Pure rubber sole with customized grip design.

Youth Sizing
Sparco Youth Karting Shoe Sizing Chart

Adult SizingSparco Karting Shoe Sizing Chart
Please keep in mind that manufacturers use different lasts to construct their shoes - sizing may vary accordingly.
  • $100.00