• Compkart University - Advanced Course

Compkart University - Advanced Course

Interactive driver education class for beginners and karters with little experience.

Bambino: 8 am - 12 pm

Cadet: 8 am - 4 pm

Junior & Adults: 8 am - 4 pm

Registration Includes

  • Professional Instruction
  • Half-Day (Bambino) or Full Day (Cadet, Junior & Senior) of Coaching
  • All Equipment for Instruction (Helmet, Suit, Gloves, and Sport Kart)

Course Description

Students that have successfully completed the Intro Course are eligible to register for the Advanced level. The course will cover:

  • Circuit Analysis
  • Race Management
  • Materials Management
  • Chassis Dynamics
  • Event Formatting
  • 2 Mach Events

Each bracket will have a detailed written course structure that is accompanied with on track physical training. Through a detailed merit system, entrants will receive a final approval and certification of course completion, which will be recognized and required for each entrant to scale and graduate through the entire course program. Should the entrant not meet the merit criteria for course competition, they will have the option to take additional course(s) as outlined by the university in order to complete the necessary certification.