• Capri Tools Ratcheting Wrench Set, 100-Tooth, 8 to 19 mm, Rack

Capri Tools Ratcheting Wrench Set, 100-Tooth, 8 to 19 mm, Rack

  • Experience our true 100-tooth flex-head ratcheting wrenches in the tightest of spaces. With just 3.6 degrees of swing arc, they will make your job a whole lot easier. Our true single-pawl 100-tooth ratchet gear is achievable only through expert engineering and precise craftsmanship. Its unparalleled smooth ratcheting mechanism makes it a joy to use. All of these components are engineered to fit in a slim profile to make these the go-to wrench for pros
  • 180-degree flex-head box end combined with our slim profile gives you the ultimate flexibility. 12-point WaveDrive box end transfers torque uniformly and prevents damaging and rounding of the bolt. 0 degree offset on the box end gives you maximum clearance. Integrated steel color ring makes it easy to identify between SAE (red) and metric (blue) sizes
  • Open end features 6-point anti-slip groove that grips on the bolt and prevents slippage while you work. The open end is tipped at a 15-degree angle. Useful especially in tight spots, after each 15-degree turn, flip the wrench over to quickly engage the fastener again
  • Flawless SmartKrome plating, achieved by thorough polishing and careful application of chrome protective plating, ensures durability and corrosion resistance
  • $119.99