Sparco Arrow-K Karting Gloves

Ergonomically designed HTX-printed zones are engineered for even better grip and steering feel.

The Sparco Arrow-K gloves continue to benefit from the engineering advances of its fire resistant cousin, the Sparco Arrow. A lightweight and breathable elasticated cotton jersey material is combined with a double-layer palm for increased protection. The inner thumb seam has been revised to improve steering wheel grip and comfort, while the palm and fingers are built with a pre-formed shape for excellent fit. Finished with Sparco's unique high-grip HTX printed palm, ergonomically designed zones are engineered for even better grip and steering feel. Padding has been added to the carpal regions of the palm to help reduce vibration induced fatique. Finally, Sparco's exclusive Touch-S technology has been applied to the index finger and thumb for compatibility with touchscreen phones, dashes, and lap timers.
Rating: Kart Specific
Part Number: SP2557-SIZE-COLOR
Manufacturer: 002557xx

• Touchscreen compatible finger tips work with phones, data acquisition devices, and lap timers.
• PE+ cotton elasticated jersey fabric construction.
• External seams for maximium comfort and steering wheel feel.
• Printed high-grip HTX palm, a Sparco-exclusive material that increases grip and fingertip dexterity.
• External seams and unique inner thumb seam maximizes driver comfort.

Sparco Racing Gloves Sizing Chart

Glove Sizing How-to Measure

To find your size, measure around the largest part of the hand at the knuckles, excluding the thumb, while making a fist.
  • $75.00